Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Power surges and sage tea

A friend recently shared a story about her son. He is twelve years old and had a friend staying overnight. Her son's friend is a couple months older than her son, about an inch taller, and has armpit hair whereas her son doesn’t. Her son, angered that his friend is “ahead” of him developmentally, exclaimed in disgust, “Hormones suck!”

My friend, who heard this from another room, yelled back, “I AGREE!”

She’s 52, and dealing with fickle relatives like Aunt Flo.

I myself have entered the spiritual realm: sweat lodges minus the lodge but heavy on the sweat!

We commiserate on the “change of life” and share ideas about how to cope. Most recently, I’ve been chowing flaxseed and soy, and gulping sage tea. Is it helping? Doubtful.

“Here’s a way to deal with things you're experiencing,” she suggests. “Use different words to describe them!”

Mind over matter? Worth a try.

“Instead of a ‘hot flash’, you’ve just had a ‘power surge.’

“Instead of being ‘old,’ you're a ‘seasoned professional.’

“And, as the French used to say, you're a woman ‘of a certain age.’”

Hmmm...I’m alluring, wise…and about to short-circuit?

Nah, count me in, too.

Hormones suck!


  1. I agree with you 100%.
    Power surges, my eye!
    Hormones suck. Even the lack of them.

  2. Short circuiting from those power surges? Try vitamin E.

  3. Damn it's cold today! Where's a good hot flash when you need one?!


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