Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don’t call us, and you can be sure we won’t call you!

Regular readers of this blog are by now used to my rants against Bleak House (aka Centrallasarettet Västerås / Västmanland County Hospital, Västerås), with which I have a love-hate relationship: I love to hate the place. That’s why I can’t resist sharing the outcome – or lack thereof – my final conversation with the hospital’s urology unit.

As faithful readers may remember, I had an x-ray (or something like it) of my kidney and bladder on June 3. Two weeks and several phone calls later, I finally had contact with the doctor who ordered the test. He gave me a terse, “The x-ray is normal,” and refused to answer any questions about my concerns, promising me, “I’ll explain everything in September.” (See post “Who are you?”) I subsequently called back, requested a new doctor, and asked that the new doctor call me, presumably during the summer.

You, being the observant reader that you are, have undoubtedly noticed the date of this post. And knowing that you are waiting with bated breath for the outcome of this story, I will tell you now: I have not heard a word from the urology department. (Did I just hear you gasp in shock or are you laughing yourself silly?)

Do I even care? Not any more. I simply don’t have the energy. (I have found partial answers to my questions elsewhere.)

Mostly, I am just sad and discouraged about the way patients are left hanging by Bleak House.

(See also posts Bleak House: Service at Västmanland County Hospital and And so it goes.)

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