Monday, February 8, 2010

Västmanland County Hospital update: Good news and bad news

On Saturday, I relayed the plight of a man waiting for chemotherapy at the Västmanland County Hospital. The newspaper vlt reports today that after it contacted the oncology clinic last week for Saturday's article, the clinic has since contacted the man and scheduled him for chemotherapy starting today.

The paper also contacted a county commissioner for comment on the man's long wait for treatment, but the commissioner referred the paper to the clinic head. The commissioner added that she had tried contacting the clinic head, division head, and county heath care director herself but had still not had contact with anyone. The commissioner also said, "But we're working to shorten the processes for transferring a patient from one clinic to another."

The good news, of course, is that the man is now going to be treated. The bad news is that it took intervention by the newspaper to make it happen. Regarding the commissioner's comment about making the transfer process more efficient, I say: don't hold your breath. They've been making promises like this for years.

(As Marti points out, you have to be healthy to be sick. Getting care requires a lot of persistence and energy!)

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