Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mid-week Bangladesh

My daughter returned from Bangladesh this morning.

A couple days ago, I texted her with two questions.

1) Was she tired of Bangladesh or would she stay longer if she could?
“Both. I’ve been sick most of the week [with a cold] and I’m sick of the food and the ants everywhere, but otherwise I want to stay – I’m totally in love with Bangladesh.”

2) What would she like for dinner when she returned?
“Like tacos, waffles, HARDCORE kebab – as long as it doesn’t contain rice, weird vegetables, fish, chicken or goat. And ice cream for dessert!”

We had told her that ice cream, if she saw it, was strictly off limits unless it was industrially manufactured. But she told me this morning that during the last 24 hours she has developed an “upset stomach.” So I guess that precaution didn’t help much. An "upset stomach" is just part of the “experience” to places like these!

(Yes, she had all the necessary shots/vaccinations before she left. She has been on my mind all week. I'm glad she is home.)

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