Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America’s first black president? America's first president who happens to be black

Obama's someone who wanted to be president (God only knows why!) who happens to be black. Hillary Clinton was someone who wanted to be president who happens to be female. It's really not so surprising. Just look at those demographics. I'm a multi-ethnic female who grew up in a stable, middle class family. So I've usually viewed the world as a place of opportunity rather than a mine field of constraint. And I've always felt that I was not alone.

Obama is my generation, my story, and I've always felt this moment was just around the corner. I'm pleased that it's finally here, but not especially surprised. My 13-year old daughter's very casual attitude toward race, ethnicity, gender and other traditionally "touchy" subjects just reinforces my perception that this is a moment, really, long overdue. Let's see if Obama really can give voice and leadership to an inclusiveness that already exists in spirit and practice, but which has yet to be publicly acknowledged and embraced. I'm a whole person, not a category. Sorry, CNN.

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