Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wake up, America!

Normally during an election, I have fairly strong opinions about the candidates I like and the ones I don’t, but resign myself to accept the ones I don’t if they win the election. That’s just the “downside” of democracy.

But this election, I’m very worried. I feel we have a chance to turn things around so I’m positive about that. But I truly wonder if we, as a country, can afford an Obama loss. There are so many pressing problems…national debt, trade imbalance, inadequate or no health care, poor quality schools, a never-ending war…you know the list…that can no longer be ignored or mismanaged. If we get another Republican president, especially a narcissistic opportunist like McCain or a hard-line ideologue like Palin, for another 4-8 years, I really don’t know how we can survive it. At best, we’d have an executive-congressional stalemate, and, at worst, more of the same if Republicans win back the House and Senate.

Our international standing in this era of globalization is shot: the rest of the world (even non-terrorists!) hates us and our national economy is such a mess that other countries will soon refuse to finance our debt any longer. I know it’s political heresy to say so, but the U.S. is neither the world’s moral compass nor economic powerhouse it once was. I’m not saying that all is lost and that we’re “nothing,” but we’ve just got to start looking sharp, demanding more of our leaders, and getting our house in order, or everything will be lost. I feel such despair when people don’t seem to understand or care about the big picture and just vote for an entrenched icon who promises more of the same and a former beauty queen who looks and sounds good on TV. It makes me weep.

Wake up, America!

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